Vendor Info

Vendor Information

Event vendors are handled through show promoters. The Jacksonville Equestrian Center retains the right to have preferred vendors on site during events.

Vendor Policies

Please pass this information on to all of your event vendors. We would appreciate a vendor location map from you prior to move in. In addition, all electrical requirements must be reported to our staff prior to vendor move in.

  1. Vendor arrival must coincide with the show management arrival.
  2. Move in must be complete prior to the beginning of the event. Once the event has started the only load in area available will be the north side of the building.
  3. Set up must be totally self sufficient. No hanging banners or signs on the facility walls. Please bring tables, chairs, electrical cords, along with equipment to facilitate your move in, such as carts.
  4. Due to new insurance regulations vehicles will no longer be allowed inside of the building. All vendors will have access thru the pavilion on the south entrance. This entrance will be closed once the event begins. Any access after the event begins must be done on the north side of the facility.
  5. Please bring roll carts to move your setup inside of the building.
  6. All vendors must park vehicles in the paved parking at the front of the facility.
  7. No dogs in the main arena building or on the pavilion. If you do have a dog, it must be left in the RV Areas.
  8. Please supervise your children.
  9. All move out must be complete by the event move out. If you need additional time, it must be arranged thru the facility. Additional charges may apply.
  10. No smoking at any time in the facility except in designated area on South Pavilion.
  11. The facility bills per 10×10 space.
  12. All request for phone lines for credit cards will incur $130.00 charge and must be arranged at least three weeks prior to your event.
  13. Shipment from and to your vendors must be arranged thru the admin office. Please avoid shipping prior to the event, as we have limited storage. The facility will not be responsible for anything shipped to a vendor. Post event shipments must be moved to designated area and arranged for pickup by the vendor within one day of the event move out.
  14. Please bring your own computer, access to a computer is not guaranteed.
  15. All vendors placing vehicles on the pavilion must leave keys in an envelope with the Administration Office in the event they may have to be moved.
  16. Absolutely no vendors will be placed within the Concession Area.