The Perfect Summer Getaway: Horses, Wildlife, Outdoors, and More at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center

Jacksonville, FL (July 29, 2016) — Surrounded by the busy city of Jacksonville, Florida is a quiet sanctuary that provides an escape from everyday life. The Jacksonville Equestrian Center offers long-term RV camping on it’s 80-acre facility, with access to miles of riding, hiking, and biking trails; an Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool; a golf course; and an enormous indoor horseback riding arena, outdoor arenas, and derby field. The 78 RV hookups at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center are popular places for visitors to park for anywhere from one weekend to several months at a time. 

Craig and Kim Williams can attest to this— they have been enjoying the benefits of RV camping at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center for a few months already. Because their careers allow them to travel, by the time their wheels are rolling again they will have been at the facility for more than half a year. “We love the horse shows and events on the weekends, and then during the week it’s so quiet and peaceful— we have the park to ourselves,” says Kim Williams. Williams and her husband Craig are especially enjoying exploring nature while at the facility. “There are riding trails, and a paved walkway around the entire campground,” says Williams. “We just love being able to explore the grounds and see the amount of wildlife that’s there— that’s our favorite part. We love the facility because we get to exercise outside and there’s a lot of room to roam.” 

The abundance of outdoor activities available was also a big draw for the Williamses. “Of course everything to do with the horses is phenomenal,” said Williams. Neither Kim nor Craig Williams rides horses themselves, but both have become enthusiastic about the equestrian events they’ve observed while at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. “We are starting to learn a little about the different types of horse events and it’s just super cool,” says Williams, citing the National Team Roping League (NTRL) Truck Roping competition held at the facility in May as their favorite event to watch so far. “That was so exciting because the truck was a phenomenal prize and you could tell all the ropers were excited to compete for it,” says Williams.

Even though the Williamses have been staying at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center camping grounds for several months and have explored miles of the area, there are still aspects of the facility they have yet to experience. “We actually haven’t had the chance to try the concession stand,” says Williams with a laugh. Of course, this isn’t for lack of wanting to. “It looks so affordable, and although I’m constantly on a diet they still have good choices for me and all the good usual concession food for my husband,” Williams jokes. 

The Jacksonville Equestrian Center has a full calendar of summer events coming up that includes an evening of open riding, a dressage show, and a car show. Camping is available on site for event attendees, travelers passing through, or long-term guests. To make RV camping reservations, visit For more information about the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, visit or call Penny Gorton at (904) 255-4227.

Photo: Craig and Kim Williams enjoy exploring nature and attending events during their stay at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center (Photo courtesy of Kim Williams)4dfc251a10f44a5d4cbe519347d7c6ffc02fb67b