Mariam Mortenson’s CiCi’s Star Angelica Wins Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award at Gypsy Vanner National Championships

Jacksonville, Florida (January 29, 2018) — CiCi’s Star Angelica made a lasting impression during her show debut at the 2018 Gypsy Vanner National Championships held in Jacksonville, Florida. The 3-year-old mare’s gleaming silver dapple coat caught the attention of Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The company honored the young Gypsy Vanner and her owner Mariam Mortenson with the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award.


“It’s a lot of grooming, condition and care for these Gypsy Vanners,” said Mortenson. “They are very special and we really take good care of them.”

With only 30-days training, CiCi’s Star Angelica finished in the ribbons in nearly every feathered horse class she entered. The young mare competed under saddle, including in trail, and in-hand.


“Team Barlow and Alice Barlow were very gracious and helpful to get us here,” Mortenson said. The mare was breed by Celeste Huston of Cielo Celeste Farm in California and Mortenson has owned her since she was six months old. She looks forward to a long, successful career together.


“I want to continue on with the show circuit and feathered horse classic,” she said. While this was CiCi’s Star Angelica’s first competition, Mortenson is no stranger to the show circuit. She purchased her first Gypsy Vanner 10 years ago and has regularly competed. “Once you get one you never go back,” said Mortenson.


Omega Alpha is proud to recognize hard-working equestrians like Mortenson, and hopes that she will find the products in her prize bag helpful in maintaining CiCi’s Star Angelica’s excellent health throughout the show season and beyond. Mortenson was honored and excited to have been recognized as the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Winner and proudly showed off her prize cooler around the show on the brisk day.  To see more follow this link


In addition to recognizing healthy horses at the 2018 Gypsy Vanner National Championships, Omega Alpha is recognizing barn managers who provide exceptional care and nutrition to keep horses in top shape. To nominate a barn manager who deserves recognition, fill out a nomination form online at The winner will receive a one-of-a-kind bit box and Omega Alpha supplements of their choice.


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