Jacksonville University Senior Finds the Perfect Frame as Head Photographer for Jacksonville Equestrian Center


Jacksonville, FL (February 2, 2018) — From behind her camera, Jacksonville University senior Savannah (Savy) L. Dobbs has been capturing America’s horses and heritage, and finding both her subjects and her own talent in the spotlight. The JU senior, who graduates in May with a major in photography and minor in film and education, has been named an exhibiting finalist in the Jacksonville Historical Photo Contest and will be displaying her work at Jacksonville’s Main Library downtown.


“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is,” says the 22 year-old Jacksonville native, who has won five photography awards since launching SDPhotography in 2010, as well as participating in JU Art Walk 2017, doing photography for the Bob Ballard event dedicated to the discovery of the Titanic, and being named head photographer for the Jacksonville Equestrian Center.


Much of her work centers on her other passion: horses. A black-and-white photo of a horse entitled ‘Blaze in the Dark,’ won Best of Show in a college-wide contest hosted by Florida State College that spurred her interest in depicting horse/human bonds like those forged at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center during the nationally acclaimed Extreme Mustang Makeover, that promotes training and homing formerly wild horses adopted through the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.


“I had the greatest experience getting hired to photograph the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Jacksonville,” said Dobbs, “but it didn’t end there. Soon after, its organizers asked if I would be interested in photographing Extreme Mustang Makeovers in West Springfield, Massachusetts and Lexington, Kentucky. Of course I couldn’t pass up such an awesome experience. They flew me to both locations and it was so cool to see and meet so many amazing trainers and photograph such amazing events.” She photographed three of the six Extreme Mustang Makeover Events held in 2017.


Dobbs began photographing events at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center three and a half years ago. “My favorites were the barrel racing shows, since I was a barrel racer myself.”


“I got into photography ten years ago, when I had a small point-and-shoot camera and got my first horse. I would be out at the barn with my brother and he would show me different angles to photograph. Since then, I’ve been told I ‘have an eye for photography’ and have been in love with the process ever since. Equine and wedding photography are my favorite subjects.”


When I’m not taking photos, my favorite thing is riding my horses. I have always been blessed to have horses of my own.” Dobbs has been riding since age six and is as versatile in the saddle as she is behind a lens. “I ride Western and English. I have two amazing horses. Bonnie Blue, 14 year-old, blue-eyed Paint (my favorite breed) that we rescued nearly ten years ago, and she is my world. I used to show her All-Around but not as much anymore. Then there’s Jake, a 13 year-old Appendix Quarter Horse that I have owned for almost nine years. I do barrels, jumping and obstacle challenges with him.”


Photography, horses and Florida will continue to play equally important roles in this enterprising entrepreneur’s life. She plans to obtain a Masters in Photography and use her education to become a photography professor. In the meantime, SDPhotography continues to hit its stride, shooting parties, reunions, dances, engagements and weddings, and portraits of people and/or animals.


“My business has grown so much that, for now,” Dobbs said with a smile as photogenic as any model, “I am planning to stay in Florida.”


Learn more about this JEC head photographer, horsewoman and Jacksonville Dolphins fan at www.SDPhotographyJAX.com or call/text (904) 233-3934.